Podcast Recommendation Vol. 1

Your Creative Start - Episode 4: Single Tasking

We're growing up in the age of multitasking where you can’t call yourself productive or successful if you're not a good multi-tasker. And to be honest, for a while, being a multi-tasker used to make me feel really good. But it doesn’t anymore. In this weeks episode I talk about single tasking, the ability to do one thing at a time and how you can master single tasking in six simple steps.

Well Made by Lumi - Episode 27: Getting Serious About Fun with Jen Gotch of Ban.do 

Ban.do is a lifestyle brand geared toward fun. That takes shape in the form of cheeky graphic tees, colorful planners and flashy sunglasses, born  from the creative mind of Jen Gotch, the Chief Creative Officer of Ban.do. On this episode, Jen talks about her fearless approach to social sharing, the relentless pursuit of an audience, the crazy growth of the Ban.do, and Jen's big ideas about the future of what the brand can be. 

Creative Pep Talk - Episode 147: Don’t Chase The Likes

It’s so easy to get caught up chasing likes and followers, but should you let these numbers guide your creative career?


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