Sunday Paper Co

DIY Leathercrafting Kit


In partnership with our friends from Soul Flower Co, this take home DIY leather crafting kit aims to inspire the maker in you!

Each kit includes the following: 

  • 2pcs – 15 x 20CM genuine cowhide leather (Black & Beige)
  • 1pc Silver Pen  (Quite toxic, wash hands after use!)
  • 1 meter – Brown Elastic Cord (Small)
  • 1 meter – Black Elastic Cord (Small)
  • 0.5 meter – Black Elastic Cord (Medium)
  • 1pc Hammer
  • 1pc Hole Puncher
  • Sunday Paper Slip Notebook Set
  • 1pc Sunday Paper Wooden Pencil
  • Guide Pattern
  • Guide Cards with Instructions


About Soul Flower Co: 

Janina and Pat, crafters and creators of Soul Flower, Co aims to inspire an artisan culture and spread the spirit of creativity through handmade accessories and craft workshops. What started in 2010 as a small store of handmade bohemian accessories, they’ve ventured into different tools and materials in jewelry making. Five years into crafting, they’ve also spawned Studio 925 – a silversmithing studio. They also host themed events with workshops and a curated bazaar of handmade wares thru Craft Collective.

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